A break

I’m going to be taking a break from this blog for the time being to concentrate on some prose projects and reading.

West Chester

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photos by Paul David Ondik in West Chester, 2014

The First Ammendment


pictured Paul David Ondik

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Mostly Books


photo by Paul David Ondik at Mostly Books in Philadelphia, 2014

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The fire that started in the basement

among the polaroids, disturbs the dust and

climbs slowly up the stairs.

The smoke enters and exits every hidden

crevice and places you don’t see and places never known

to exist. It obfuscates and warns at the same time;

it panics and subdues at the same time;

it constricts and expands at the same time.

And suddenly the fire dines — voracious

on all these spaces and

all these places in time and all the photographs

in the basement.

It bounds up the stairs

and up to roof and leaps from the windows

and roof a thousand times a second, but

never falls, only rises. it never fails

only surprises.

19 Jan 2014 (it never fails)

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At certain points in time

and various parts of the coming day,

I will find that my mind

is indulging itself in

a most peculiar type of anxiety,

particular and new

and more pleasurable than any

I can recall.

18 Jan 2014 (a most peculiar type of anxiety)

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Piercing Ryu Murakami

Piercing by Ryu Murakami

I have never been to Japan, but I suspect the essential theme of this book is transgression against suffocating cultural norms in that country.

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Is my sarcasm the last refuge

of a chaste soul,

or the bitter aggression of

a passive spectator.


a glove whose weight

only I conceive and


I wonder. No really.

15 Jan 2014 (no really)

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Trails past trails;

where you gave me the water bottle;

we made it there

on a broken crow foot.

The last drops sweetness

then discarded hollow into

the crumbling wet of woods.

The apparitional foot falls.


leaning now bending,

way leading way;

tangled into dirt and bark.

but for

the last tangle in opposition to

my thoughts – from far.

I leave, two robins eggs

in the tree.

14 JAN 2014 (the last tangle in opposition)

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The cold wind

of the two nights past last,

made my door hinges creak

in my apartment.

But, the ice

from last two nights

crackles and pops,

like live wires in flooded



13 JAN 2014 (like live wires)

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